Are you looking to get awareness for your cryptocurrency, ICO or STO?

Investor marketing and content creation plays a major roll in enhancing awareness about the company and the projects but also a determining factor of engaging investors and building liquidity in the trading.

We work with companies in all stages pre ICO, ICO or already trading currencies looking to generate interest in their company, build shareholder value and create a more liquid market.

EquityIR works as an extension of your team providing content creation, press release writing, advisory, investor relations and investor marketing services.

Its not just about getting content out, its about getting the content in front of individuals that have an interest in the company and its projects.

Having an effective shareholder communications program and an efficient IR campaign can provide additional liquidity in the market, business opportunity’s and provides the company an opportunity to raise capital at later dates.

If your ready to start putting your company in front of the investment community, give us a call!

Our Services

Our experience in investor awareness, branding , investor marketing and community building has allowed us the opportunity to work with amazing brands across several industries. By creating long lasting relationships with our clients and offering them our experience in the financial markets and our ability to provide them access to the investment community, EquityIR can provide your company with the tools you need.

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EquityIR’s management has 40 years in the financial and marketing industry,
were trusted, were experienced, and go that extra mile to ensure the best results possible.


Are you looking to get your company in front of investors? Then let us assist your company in reaching the financial community.

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Lets put together a marketing strategy that builds worldwide
recognition of the brand and for the currency.