13 Nov 2018

An Enterprise of Innovation

Investors are attracted to innovation that works, especially in the oil and gas sector. That’s why they like Enterprise Group Inc (TSX: E), named one of Alberta’s Fastest 50 Growth Companies (Alberta Venture Magazine 2014). Founded in 2005, Enterprise provides specialized equipment and services supporting the energy, pipeline, and infrastructure construction industries. Services include flameless heating, climate control solutions and mobile oilfield site infrastructure services.

The Company’s strategy is to acquire complementary service companies in Western Canada, consolidating capital, management, and human resources to support continued growth. In the past few years, Enterprise has acquired Artic Therm International, Hart Oilfield Rentals, and Westar Oilfield Rentals.

In addition to reporting successful growth thanks to a robust acquisition business model, a diversified cashflow, multiple avenues of growth, and exposure across Western Canada, Enterprise has clearly differentiated itself through innovation. The company boasts 28 industrial design patents (Cdn and U.S.) for products they have invented, all of which are currently deployed in the field across the western region.

Joel Bardwell, Senior Manager & Technical Development at Hart Oilfield Rentals, leads the team behind the innovations. “We are always developing innovations that increase efficiencies for our clients and deliver increased profitability. For example, our CSG (Combo Scissor Generator) integrates the generator, fuel and stadium lights in one portable, efficient & versatile package. The notion that the oil and gas sector is averse to diversification is unfounded. Suppliers like Hart and, in fact, all the divisions within Enterprise, are focused on innovation.”


Other innovations within Enterprise include Artic Therm International’s advanced and patented flameless heaters that produce outputs up to 3.3 million BTUs. Recently, Enterprise also announced enhancements to its proprietary dispatch & asset tracking software known as “StarChain.”

[The innovation and expertise of Enterprise’s operating companies have distinguished them as “best in class” to their blue-chip client base.]

The client roster tells the story; among them —Encana, Suncor, Cenovus Energy, and Husky Energy.

On the ledger side of things, Enterprise reports solid numbers with $65 million in total assets, $50 million in appraised equipment/property assets, and a market capitalization of $22.1 million with an estimated value at $28.6 million. Despite the reduced activity during the second quarter (traditionally the slowest quarter in the industry cycle), the company generated positive cash flow from operations of $1,857,387 (for the six months ended June 30, 2018).

The company’s philosophy is to respond “to an uncertain resource environment through proactive cost reductions and a disciplined capital deployment strategy”. Their tactical innovations drive their exposure and growth at sites across Western Canada. Once the issues around the pipelines and other projects on the table are resolved, Enterprise is the company poised to make the biggest gains in their niche. With a near-term goal to reach $150 million in annual sales, they may very well surpass that number sooner than later.

[Once the issues around the pipelines and other projects are resolved, Enterprise is the company poised to make the biggest gains in their niche.]

To get the complete picture, check out the Enterprise Investor Presentation on their website.

Continue watching this space for more news about this innovative company. TSX: E

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