01 Aug 2019

ALTHASH – the Hybrid Blockchain at the Centre of Decentralization

by Michael Kryton, EQUITY IR contributing writer

You may not have heard of AltHash or HTMLCoin yet, but it is a crypto organization trading with the ticker HTML, currently stirring the crypto-world with innovative blockchain usage and decentralized applications (DApps). HTMLCoin boasts of its own hybrid blockchain that combines Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols.


AltHash is the blockchain using HTMLCoin as the GAS for its transactions. As a tool, the AltHash Web Platform is the web interface between users and all the blockchain DApps in its tray. Think of the AltHash Web Platform as a hub for decentralized applications on the AltHash Blockchain.


Development and implementation are driven by AltHash’s API, as well as node.js and vue.js frameworks.

AltHash Products are bundled in their Alt Suite, something like Gsuite. The objective is to respond to the needs of various sectors including government, healthcare, education and business. The AltHash blockchain already has multiple use-cases and partnerships focused on health care and E-governance (e.g., newborn registration and personnel data sheet authentication), as well as other DApps including one that enables users to create their own tokens. The goal is to have at least 25 DApps up and running over the next year.

[AltHash’s objective is to respond to the needs of various sectors including government, healthcare, education and business.]


Here’s a cursory look at what is available on the AltHash Web Platform.

Overall, the AltHash Health suite is designed to address the demand for health-related services in developing countries and regions. The suite will help physicians and health facilities manage and verify patient’s health records, with a simple interface allied to a powerful and reliable back-end. All users’ and patients’ data is encrypted and securely stored in the blockchain network across several nodes, bringing the reliability needed with health-related subjects.


At the Philippine Consulate in Chicago in 2018, the AltHash and HTMLCoin signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kinasang’an Foundation Inc. (KSFI) to secure newborn birth data on the ALTHASH blockchain. As the overseer of the Wellness Family Midwife Clinics in Mindanao, Philippines, KSFI will then upload and secure the research outcomes resulting from KSFI’s use of the blockchain. The results have the potential to drastically reduce the alarming number of global newborn deaths, which reaches 2.7 million annually. The MOU allows individuals and organizations to interact with and utilize the ALTHASH blockchain, as the new web platform contains Myoffspring DApp, a simple-to-use DApp which allows users to register a newborns’ place and date of birth, parents’ names, and other information.

On February 11th 2019 the Htmlcoin Foundation signed memorandums of understanding with the Department of Science and Technology, Regional Office No. XI (DOST XI)

As a pilot project, DOST XI will be utilizing the Htmlcoin Althash Blockchain to record and secure personal data sheets (PDS). The Htmlcoin Foundation is responsible for all pertinent training and mentorship for DOST XI personnel as they begin to use this new application in their day-to-day work environment. This includes the initial workings and details involved in converting the personal data sheets to be stored in the Althash Blockchain.

TokenFarm enables anyone to create their own tokens by filling out a form in less than a minute and is particularly useful for business owners who want to reward loyal customers. AltHash has done an excellent job of demystifying token creation with this DApp.

Think of this DApp as a notary service, even an institutional registry. It is designed to authenticate and verify important documents and electronic materials as well as facilitate record administration and management.

This is a third-party exchange which will be dedicated to HTMLCoin.  One of the main features is the restricted area for BUNK token holders with a Business Intelligence Platform Traders Social Media, Bot and Arbitrage Signals and an Educational Area. HTMLBunker also works as an HRC20 token warehouse to list and promote liquidity for HTMLCoin-based DApps and its Althash products. They host multiple trading pairs with a select variety of popular digital assets as well as fiat currencies.

The Codex HRC20 token is used as payment to coders, developers and programmers. There is a growing team and community with various developments in the works. Tradable on HTMLBunker


Cryptic Mag is a digital magazine dedicated to the crypto space. It utilizes an HRC20 token for readers to redeem rewards on the AltHash Web Platform. Tradable on HTMLBunker


The primary project at BlockPay is Paysic which will be the first decentralized payment system using fiat currencies. You will be able to pay with Paysic CC on Paysic supported POS terminals just like with Mastercard or Visa.


Althash and HTMLCoin are certainly putting their money — or shall we say cryptocurrency —- where their mouth is by driving cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation. Soon — possibly — we will be saying, “Hey! There’s a DApp for that!”  And chances are, it will be an Althash DApp.


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