We understand that investors are forever changing their habits and where they get their information. Its important to deal with a company that not only follows the trends but begins new ones.


“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

Steve Jobs

We drive active investors through creative unique content, video production and targeted marketing. Learn more

Providing coverage on one site just isn’t enough, the world wide web is to large and your company requires real exposure. EquityIR provides its clients with a large network of small cap investor sites to be featured on.
Creating content is key, the more ways you can tell your story the more investors you will reach. Lets us help you create the content that will highlight your company in a new light.
New industries like Marijuana, cryptocurrencies and blockchain are attracting new investors from all over the world, which continuously drives new investments into companies. Let us help you reach these investors.

Developing a Marketing Program

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Website Marketing

Most companies today have used website marketing to advertise their products and services. We use website marketing to help you advertise your stock price.

Targeted Campaigns

To build traction and exposure, we target specific journalists, bloggers, writes and other types of professionals to assist the company in generating national exposure.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become one of the fastest and effective ways to reach millions of investors quickly.


To truly gain traction in the market, you need to bring in as many different investor lists as possible.

Blogs, Articles and Video Production

Creating unique content that gives investors new insights in several different forms.

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30 years experience in small cap markets

Equityir is comprised of seasoned investor relations professionals whom have worked with 100’s of small-cap public and private companies in order to reach their goals.

Tailored campaigns for all budgets

Making the most out of your investor relations budget can be tough, let us assist you in designing a campaign that works for you.

Targeted IR Campaigns to Drive Active Investors

Designing a targeted program that reaches likely investors provides the company with a more direct approach and saves the company both money and time.

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